Friday, April 18, 2014

April Showers by FranB Designs

April Showers is now available in my shop. Also a reminder that my entire shop is on sale for 40% off through the end of April.

Buy April Showers at With Love Studio or My Memories

Check out what my wonderful CT did with April Showers!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Not such a peek, since you've seen the whole kit already, but I will be putting April Showers in my shop on Friday.

My Memories Playing in the Dirt Blog Train

Welcome to the April My Memories Blog Train. We have lots of dirty stuff for you to play with!

If you don't know what My Memories is, it's a software program that makes preserving your memories very easy!

Remember - We are all on different time zones, so if someone doesn't have their part up yet, please check back later.

Here is a list of participants, enjoy your train travels! My download links are below the list. :)

Download 1 and Download 2. Enjoy!

PS To those having troubles downloading, I've tested the links several times today and they are there and they do work. Traffic is probably high due to it being the first day out, please be patient. Clearing your cache and trying a different browser may help. Sorry you are having trouble.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Retiring Product Sale

I know I mentioned it in yesterday's post, but today I am posting the specific kits for you to check out. The sale prices are also good at My Memories, however, none of the bundles are available there (I didn't know we could do bundles back when these kits were new). I also posted the links to the old blog freebies that matched, plus the Flower Festival Sampler that was at Digitals previously is a direct link for you to grab now too!

All products are $1.00 each, except bundles that are $3.00!

Boys Rule - Bonus Alphas (WLS / MM) / Embossed Papers (WLS / MM) / Flair (WLS / MM) / Full Kit (WLS / MM) / Stacked Papers (WLS / MM) / Bundle (WLS)

Flower Festival - Bonus Alphas (WLS / MM) / Clusters (WLS / MM) / Embossed Papers (WLS / MM) / Extras (WLS / MM) / Wordart (WLS / MM) / Full Kit (WLS / MM) / Bundle (WLS)
Don't forget these - Flower Festival Freebie / Handprint Papers / FF Sampler

Land of Tomorrow - WLS / MM - Don't forget the blog freebie alpha that matches

Movie Time - WLS / MM

Ooh La La! - WLS / MM

Park Pals - Addon (WLS / MM) / Bonus Alphas (WLS / MM) / Clusters (WLS / MM) / Extras 1 (WLS / MM) / Extras 2 (WLS / MM) / Extras 3 (WLS / MM) / Wordart (WLS / MM) / Full Kit (WLS / MM) / Bundle (WLS)

And there are also several template packs being retired at WLS.

April Showers
Dots and Lines
Four Play
Hearts Abound
Mixed Up
The Long Way
This and That v1
This and That v2
Thia and That v3
Tropical Christmas
Two by Two

Thank for checking out my products, I appreciate you all!

Hop down the Bunny Trail with FranB Designs

It's almost time to hop down the bunny trail, so this week I bring to you, Bunny Trail. Reminiscent of an older time, created in beautiful blues, greens and browns, this kit will be sure to delight!

Don't forget my entire shop is 40% off all month long, including Bunny Trail!

I am also retiring a bunch of kits. Single products are just $1.00 and bundles are $3.00!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekly Peek!

Just a quick peek at what is releasing on Friday! It will be on 40% off sale, with the rest of my shop!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lighten Up!

Has anyone ever told you to lighten up? I'm sure we all have been told that. But sometimes, our photos need lightening up! Last month I was scrapping a blue page for the Rainbow Challenges we did last month, so I decided to do a photo of my son when he was a baby. I was wanting to use my Baby Love collection, and I hadn't yet, so that seemed like a perfect time to do it!

Unfortunately, my son is old enough, that the majority of his baby pics are from a film camera. Sometimes when we scan in older photos (and this was from 2003), they can come out on the dark side. (I will not make a Darth Vader joke!)

Here is the photo untouched, as it was scanned in.

The first thing I do with my photos when I scrap them is to run the Boost action by Pioneer Woman. This brightens and sharpens up the image nicely. Most of the time, that is sufficient for my needs and my photos, but other times, my photos need more. However, this time, it wasn't. With the brown couch and the brown cat, it was all sort of blendy with a blue onesie on. After running Boost, my photo looked like this:

It's sharper but that actually made it a bit darker in some areas and we still have a brown cat on a brown couch. You can change the opacity on the Boost layer, but that wasn't working for this photo. So, I merged the layers and duplicated it. On the top layer, I changed the Blend Mode to Screen. That lightened it up a lot, actually it was too light. I then lowered the opacity of the top layer to how I wanted the photo to look.

When I was finishing up my layout, I thought it would be nice to have a green frog on the page, since there is a frog on his shirt. But, for whatever reason, I didn't add a frog to the Baby Love kit, although I did add several other animals! After doing a search on my own shop at WLS to find a frog in one of my kits, I decided I liked the one in my Fishing Hole kit. But it was too dark for my page, so what did I do? I lightened it up, using the same steps as I did on the photo (without the Boost, of course). I duplicated the frog, turned the top layer to Blend Mode Screen and lowered the opacity until I felt it fit my layout perfectly! Here is a before and after frog photo! And below it is my finished layout!

And here is an image of the blend modes and opacity that you use in this process. This works in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro. It may work in other software as well.

I hope you found something new or maybe something you once knew and forgot! Blend modes are a great way to fix up photos that have darkness or lightness issues. If you want a photo or element to get darker, you use the same steps, but instead of the Screen blend mode, you use Multiply.

And a reminder that my whole shop, including bundles like Baby Love, are on sale for 40% off this month!

I would love to see what you do with this technique. Create a layout using this technique on your page, either on your photo(s) or element, using primarily FranB Designs products. Link me up in the comments on this blog post and at the end of the month, I will send everyone that posts a little something! Don't forget to mention which items you have lightened on your page.