Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another day...

Another post. Well, it's not really daily! ;) I enjoyed being caught up, it was nice. And what is the deal with spammers on the comments. I moderate comments so you weird spammers that put Chinese text in comments really need to find something else to do. It's just kinda creepy to spam in another language. I bet your mom's would be proud of what you do. Anyhoo... I wanted to post a few layouts to try to get caught up, since I am still posting May's pages. The first 4 I made to be turned into QPs for Colie's Corner, using her awesome Batter Up kit. Here's the awesome set, click it to see it in the shop. ;) And the layouts as well. These are all from 2003. The 3 in the baseball Elmo shirt is at 6 months, pictures taken at Walmart and the Cubs shirt one was in November, at 10 months.

Ok zoom back to 2010! Last year for Christmas, Sam got a Nintendo DS. This was him in early January playing while sucking on candy canes. I used Makin Me Happy by Stolen Moments.

This was mother's day this year. Sam with the gifts he made for mom. I am not sure why he wouldn't smile. I think he was more interested in the tv that was on behind me. Sheesh. I used Fly Free by Jennifer Barrette Designs.

Back in May, we had a school fund raiser night at Chuck E Cheese, so we went. I used Bright Happy Funny by Britt-ish Designs and Makin Me Happy by Stolen Moments.

Sam coloring eggs this year. I used Hoppy Easter by The Design Girl.

This one I just loved. I believe I mentioned it awhile back, but Sam went on a field trip without me in April and took our backup camera with him. He got some great photos on the bus, including this one. I used A Shabby Kind of Love by Jennifer Barrette and Micheline Martin

And the final one for tonight. This photo just makes me laugh and laugh. Tim came to me and said I had to go look at Sam sleeping. I replied that I had just seen him about 20 minutes ago when I went to the bathroom. He insisted I come and bring the camera. I had to go look. He was hanging out of the bed. He was sneezy and sniffley so we had put the tissues and trash can near his bed in case he needed them. We didn't think he'd need them for sleeping on!! We gently moved him into bed properly, after giggling and taking his photo! I used Walking on Sunshine by Jennifer Barrette and Tracy Stroud.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!

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  1. wow fantastic layouts and stuff!!!!
    hugz Nina