Friday, February 15, 2013

Poison Arrow - NEW!

Poison Arrow!

It's BYO time at STO!! That means all kits are just $1.00 for the first few days! YAY! With such yummy and bold colors, I was torn on what to create. Lately I have been listening to 80s music playlists on Spotify. One list has the song Poison Arrow by ABC. Somehow that song wormed its way into my head and I was singing it all day long.  Then it dawned on me... that would make an awesome anti-Valentine's Day kit! About the days when lovey Valentines are NOT your friend. When you feel like taking a poisoned arrow and shooting it at the one that broke your heart.  I had a little Bon Jovi inspiration on the word art too! ;) There are plenty of ways to scrap the happy Valentine's Memories too! And those cute mini-sized Heartbreakers in your life too!

Poison Arrow Elements by FranB Designs

Poison Arrow Papers by FranB Designs

Poison Arrow Wordart by FranB Designs

Poison Arrow Elements | Papers | Wordart

Cool Licks!

Cool Licks is now available at all my shops and is 20% off through Sunday. Great fun for those yummy ice cream photos of your sweet little ones!
Cool Licks by FranB Designs
With Love Studio | Scrap Takeout | Digitals | My Memories

Thanks for reading and I hope you love this BYO as much as I do... all the designers released some amazing packs!

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