Friday, March 15, 2013

"Poison Arrow", Now At All Shops!

Yes!  We made it to Friday!  Lisa-Lisa, here.  Friday is the day I scope out the stores for the kits I want.  Have you had your eye out for FranB's, "Poison Arrow"?  Are the colors not just oozing with luxuriant depth and warmth?  How does she do that?!  This color palette is extremely versatile.  Check out the image with the papers, below.  You've got romantic with the deep textured, green. Playful are the flowered and heart papers. Cheery is the solid bright green and blue and you also have cozy with the textured brown.  
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The kit, elements, papers and word art are now available at all of FranB's stores.  You can also get the bundle which is my preference.  The more goodies, the better!  

Need more convincing about the versatility of, "Poison Arrow"?  Check out the three layouts below from the Creative Team.

This adorable layout and the love a beautiful little girl.

How about this heartbreaker? Why not pets?  I know I love mine.  All 5 of them not including the fish in the four aquariums.

Oooh!  Could a kit be more perfect for a layout like this one?!  Great thinking Lisa!  (The other Lisa.  I'm living my elementary school experience all over again with the multiple Lisa's dilemma.  Hehehe...)

Pop over to the FranB's stores, check out, "Poison Arrow" or her other Fran-tastic kits, then play all weekend.  You deserve it!

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