Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Showcase!

Hang on to your hats! With so many releases, I have a lot of CT loveliness to show you! I am overwhelmed with the amazing things my CT and the shop CT members did with my kits, thank you so much! Layouts with Friends til the End - Bear, Donkey and Woodsy, plus March and new layouts with Forever Love! And I actually scrapped! The first page is mine, from our trip in 2004. My baby is so not that small anymore... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ok, back to today! Here we go.....!!

 photo wdw2004poohcp_zps915cb86a.jpg

 photo friendsbear_nancy_zpsb17d783e.jpg

 photo friendsbear_lisab_zpsbbf9f0e5.png

 photo friendsbear_linda_zps514bad4a.jpg

 photo friendsbear_marieke_zpse8ca7d6e.jpg

 photo friendsdonkey_lisab_zps5f97e9c0.png

 photo friendsdonkey_linda_zps38e46a9b.jpg

 photo friendsdonkey_lisab2_zps0d9f778c.png

 photo friendswoodsy_lisab2_zps4a5e5533.png

 photo friendswoodsy_lisab_zps4945ff78.png

 photo friendswoodsy_amy_zps08419393.jpg

 photo foreverlove_nancy2_zpsa0be41e5.jpg

 photo foreverlove_lisa_zps53fdd4f0.jpg

 photo foreverlove_dani_zps706301d2.jpg

 photo foreverlove_chelle_zpsc77bd72e.jpg

 photo foreverlove_robin_zps590b58e2.jpg

 photo foreverlove_marieke_zps30eefbf4.jpg

 photo march_jennifer_zps5523f235.jpg

 photo march_erin_zps672ac721.jpg

 photo march_nancy_zps5ad6523b.jpg

 photo march_emily_zps52cbd1db.jpg

 photo march_amy_zpsd98667aa.jpg

 photo march_linda_zps8b3eb6a0.jpg

 photo march_dani_zps84dd08bb.jpg

 photo march_marieke_zps76fee231.jpg

Love them all so much!

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